Organize For Liberia (OFL) aims to reduce dropout rates amongst school age girls and young women in Liberia by determining and meeting students’ needs. Educators and Development Professionals recommend that keeping young girls and young women in school is an effective way to protect them from early pregnancies, rape and physical abuse. This objective can be accomplished by establishing relationships with parents, schools and community stakeholders such as local businesses, social service agencies, health care providers and volunteer organizations.

In Liberia, girls are often force to leave school to support parents and siblings, or to become bread winners for their families at an early age. Most often, they are expected to bear children at a young age (i.e. teenage), susceptible to higher rates of sexually transmitted deceases (STDs), HIV/AIDS infections that are six (6) times higher than that of men in some areas.

Organize For Liberia (OFL) Girls Education objectives include:

  • Improve school attendance and reduce dropout rates
  • Support pregnant students
  • Increase graduation rate
  • Provide an opportunity to give back to peers and community
  • Provide a healthy start to a healthy future
  • Enhance educational, personal and social development
  • Improve students self-esteem and marketable skills for life after graduation
  • Encourage parental and community involvement in students’ education



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P. O. Box 2673
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Tel: 202-430-6708

Liberia Contact

19th Street Sinkor
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Tel: +231-777-310-333

Organize For Liberia (OFL), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help the youths of Liberia.
Guided by the believe that every life have equal value, Organize For Liberia (OFL), Inc,
is working to help the young people of Liberia to lead a healthy, productive lives by harnessing
the desire of the communities, to create real and lasting improvements in the life of the youths, especially young girls of Liberia, and turning that desire into collective action.