Youth engagement is the result when young people are involved in responsible, challenging actions to create positive social change. At Organize For Liberia, this means involving youth in planning and in making decisions that affect themselves and others.

OFL’s youth engagement happens in youth-adult partnerships that are structured so that both groups contribute, teach and learn from each other. At OFL, youth engagement is a central principle of youth development. Accordingly, we believe that young people are agents of their own development.

Youth are more than passive recipients of external influences; instead they are actively involved in shaping their development by interacting with the people and opportunities made available within their environments. Through OFL’s youth engagement, the Liberian communities can do a better job of creating services, opportunities, and supports that young people need to develop in healthy ways.

OFL’s youth engagement offers community leaders the expertise and partnership of young people, help adults fully understand what it is like to grow up in a post war and post Ebola environment. From a political point of view, OFL’s youth engagement is important because young people deserve the right to represent their own interest. Youth civic engagement is also critically import in Liberia to prepare young people to be active citizens in a democracy.

Organize For Liberia youth engagement program is a win-win proposition.

  • Young people benefit by gaining skills, knowledge, self-esteem, and connectedness.
  • Adults benefit by enhancing their own competencies, learning to better understand and value youth, and increasing their commitment to their communities.
  • Organize For Liberia (OFL) benefits by improving over programs, gaining and communities recognition.
  • Communities benefit by improving quality of life, coordinating youth services, and authentically embracing diversity by representing young people.

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Organize For Liberia (OFL), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help the youths of Liberia.
Guided by the believe that every life have equal value, Organize For Liberia (OFL), Inc, 
is working to help the young people of Liberia to lead a healthy, productive lives by harnessing 
the desire of the communities, to create real and lasting improvements in the life of the youths, especially young girls of Liberia, and turning that desire into collective action.