Lack of adequate social awareness exposes teenage girls to early pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy has proven to be common among girls in West Africa and Liberia is of no exception. Teenage pregnancy impedes girl’s social development. Similarly, teenage pregnancy adversely affects the society as it sends a negative signal or examples among teens.

There are risks associated with teenage pregnancy which include infant mortality, maternal mortality, interruption of girls’ education, premature births, etc. OFL recognizes that these health related issues need urgent attention to mitigate the risk of death among young girls who are not prepared for child bearing. Organize For Liberia (OFL) objective is to ensure teenage girls are given the proper information and provided with adequate awareness and resources on the effects of teenage pregnancy.

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Organize For Liberia (OFL), Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help the youths of Liberia.
Guided by the believe that every life have equal value, Organize For Liberia (OFL), Inc, 
is working to help the young people of Liberia to lead a healthy, productive lives by harnessing 
the desire of the communities, to create real and lasting improvements in the life of the youths, especially young girls of Liberia, and turning that desire into collective action.