Our Work

Organize For Liberia (OFL) core programs are focused on Youths Engagement with emphasis on Girls Education and Teenage Pregnancy. We believe that, educating children and giving them the opportunity to explore with Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs, will spur innovations within the Liberian communities. These efforts, especially investments in STEM, we believe; will help Liberians to become self-sufficient and ultimately eradicate poverty with the sub-region.

At the core of our success, is the shared sacrifices made by our volunteers who seek to advance the common good. Advancing the common good is less about helping one person at a time and more about changing system to help us all. We are all connected and interdependent. We all win when parents do not have to make a choice between sending a child to school, providing food or providing a child with healthcare.

Our Work in Liberia

In developing countries like Liberia, low intensities of applied technologies constrain dynamic investment and competitive industrial development. Inadequate skills, limited access to technical information, ineffective institutional and regulatory frameworks, as well as organizational rigidities impede technical change and innovation.

Recognizing that technology is necessary to generate wealth and bring social progress to developing countries like Liberia, Organize For Liberia (OFL) seeks to promote the sciences and encourage the youths of Liberia, especially girls, to pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through the introduction of several scientific educational programs. Our commitment to technological literacy programs in Liberia has never been stronger. OFL’s programs in Liberia are making inroads in all fifteen (15) counties of Liberia.

Our staffs and volunteers are integral parts of the communities that we serve. We are uniquely positioned to address community related changes because we are part of these communities. Our volunteers and staffs live in these communities and get firsthand experience and understanding of the challenges faced each day by the various communities that we serve. Our programs in Liberia are centered on the following:

Youth Engagement
Girls Education
Teenage pregnancy
Civic Education
STEM Initiatives

Our Work in the US

In the United States, OFL seeks to assist the Liberian immigrant communities by providing educational services to the Liberian youths. Due to the Civil war in Liberia, many Liberian families relocated to the United States, some of whom do not speak English and need assistance learning the English language.

Adapting to the new environment for many youths can be a challenge. Organize For Liberia (OFL) provides mentor-based programs that pair Liberian youths with caring professionals. OFL also conduct programs within the Liberian immigrant communities to help youths and elderly Liberians who do not speak English with becoming proficiency in English and learning the history of the United States. We are also developing and maintaining a database of the Liberian immigrants in United States.

Meanwhile, in many Liberian immigrant families in the United States, parent spend most of their time at work and little time helping their children with school work and participating in their children school programs. As a result, many Liberian immigrant youths are not performing well in school and the high school dropout rate in the Liberian immigrant communities is increasing.

OFL addresses this problem by introducing both, “My Brother’s Keeper” and “Big Brother-Big Sister” like programs by providing mentorship and after school programs. The High School dropout problem in the Liberian immigrant communities has resulted in an increase number of Liberian youths affiliating with the wrong crowd and ending up in jail. Our programs are therefore designed to increase the number of Liberian youths completing high schools and going to college and reducing the number of incarceration among Liberians youths.

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